Voice Record / Playback Module 120 seconds

120 Seconds Voice Record Playback Module Sound Board For Toy

1.Operating Voltage:3-5V
2.Standby Current:<5uA (3.6V)
3.Recording Time:120s
4.Recording Input:adopt ADC 14 Bit,Audio Out DAC 14 Bit
5.Recording Voice Format:ADPCM
6.Recording Distance:3-5m
7.Recording/Voice Play Mode:independently play a piece of sound recording or play a piece of prerecordig voice
8.Cycle Mode Play:can set cycle play times or constant cycle play
9.Prerecording voice is burnt from external to SPI Flash,can prerecord chord music or voice
10.Adaptive Loudspeaker:8-32 ohm output power 4.5V 0.6W 8 ohm
11.Recording Prompt:before recording one “BEEP”,after finished,two “BEEP”
12.Mute Mode:no “BEEP”
13.Sampling Frequency:6KHz-16KHz,can be chosen through external resistor

Key Recording Mode:everytime repeatedly record,it will clear previous voice data
1.RECL:level remains mode recording
2.RECE:single trigger mode recording

Key Play Mode:
1.PLAYL:level remains mode play,can connect with photoresistor,can play by light source control
2.PLAYE:single trigger mode play