USB logic analyzer

IEZ-USB FX2LP CY7C68013A USB logic analyzer
1.Using CY7C68013A-56 chip: low-power version of the enhanced 51-core, 16KB program data areas, frequency of 48Mhz, 480Mbps high-speed transmission protocol standards, in line with USB2.0 specification, backward compatible with USB1.1.

2.Firmware, EEPROM: Complete in-system programming solution with a USB cable directly to download firmware, on-board to provide 16K (24LC128) a large program memory (EEPROM), used as storage VID / PID and the USB firmware, the program space to meet the CY7C68013A Needs.

3.All the GPIO pin through the 2.54mm standard leads to very convenient for learners toexpand DIYdesign.

4.With the board firmware can be achieved through the core function of the logic analyzer