Turbidity sensor

Turbidity sensor in liquid suspension

Turbidity sensors is the use of optics, through the liquid solution and scattering rate of transmittance integrated to determine the turbidity case, since the amount of haze value is gradual, usually detected in a dynamic environment, the turbidity sensor acquisition value, the need for external control for AD conversion, the conversion to obtain the corresponding environment turbidity situation, so that the sensor can also need to produce a peripheral circuit detected in the system, with a waterproof probe, mainly used in washing machines, dishwashers and other equipment turbidity testing can also be used on electronic design, graduate design, electronic competition experiments and other applications.

Technical parameters:
1, Working voltage: DC5V
2 , Operating Current : 30mA (MAX)
3 , Response time : <500ms
4 , Insulation Resistance : 100M Ω[Min];
5, the output way: Analog output 0-4.5V
6, the output way: high / low signal
High : 5V
Low : 0V
7 , operating temperature : -30 oC -80 oC;
8 , Storage temperature : -10-80 oC.
9, Weight : 55g
10 , Size : 30mm * 20mm * 12mm