Strain gauge Bending detection

Strain gauge Bending detection Test Sensor Module (Weight Amplifier, Voltage Output)

  • Model:BF350-3AA /1.5AA
  • sensitivity coefficient:2.0
  • strain limit:2%
  • gate wire:length x width 2 x 3.5mm
  • base dimensions:length x width 5 x 4.5mm
  • base meterial: modified phenolic substrates
  • gate wire material:constantan
  • resistance:350 Ohm
  • fatigue life:Greater than 10 million times
  • flux:ordinary solder rosin
  • the warking principle is based on resistance strain gauge strain effect produced,i.e.,when the conductor or semiconductor material ,mechanical deformation under the action of external force,the resistance value of the corresponding changes,a phenomenon know as ”strain effect“.
    the strain gauge attached to the object to be measured,so that as the strain of the measuring object bent together, so,that the inside of the metal foil is bent with the strain.many meatl when mechanically bending its resistance changes.
  • voltage:5V
  • reverse protection diode~(to prevent power reversed)
  • board with a blue LED power indicator
  • analog output
  • the higher curvature,the greater of the output voltage
  • whith zero potentiometer
  • you can adjust the potentiometer output starting voltage
  • output analog voltage 0-3.5V
  • board size:32 x 17mm
  • behind the printed board pin definitions
  • (bending strain gauge,you can change the output voltage)