Serial Data Logger with ATMega328 and MicroSD

Openlog Serial Data Logger Open Source Data Recorder ATmega328 Module SPI Pin 16MHz 64G For Arduino Support Micro SD


  • Input voltage 3.3V ~ 12V (recommended for 3.3V ~ 5V)
  • The memory format is FAT32 and supports up to 64GB of memory
  • UART serial interface
  • Baud rate adjustable
  • The default bootloader is pro mini atmega328P 5V 16mhz

Note: After inserting the memory card for the first time, the memory card will produce the config.txt file, which changes the baud rate parameter of the serial port. This parameter can be modified. Please set the serial port The baud rate is consistent with the baud rate of the recorder.

Technical Parameters:

  1. Support fat16 / fat32 format tf card, storage capacity up to 32G
  2. A simple command line interface
  3. You can change the tf card config file, you can change the settings, such as baud rate. You do not need to buy any special tools to change the serial port settings to make use of your needs.
  4. Three modes: new, add, command
  5. Baud rate can be set to 300-1000000bps
  6. Guaranteed to run at least the connection for vcc, gnd, rx
  7. Two led lights indicate the running status
  8. Input voltage 3.3V to 12V, preferably 3.3 to 5V.
  9. Free current 2mA, maximum current (when recording) 6mA.