RF Nano

Keywish RF-Nano is an Arduino Nano V3.0 with NRF24L01 2.4G wireless communication chip

Keywish Upgraded Arduino Nano board.

The main chip is ATMEGA328P-MU QFN32, the latest bootloader (Arduino IDE 1.8.8) is burned down. It is fully compatible with the common Nano board.

RF-Nano-Board is pin compatible with Arduino Nano V3.0 and share the same codes.

RF-Nano-Board integrates a NRF24L01+ module, which is very convenient for 2.4G wireless connect application.

The PCB size is only 48mm x 19mm, the pin is fully compatible with Nano V3.0, no soldering needed.

Keywish RF-Nano-Board uses CH340 chip for USB UART. You can download macOS, Windows and linux system drivers, data sheets and schematics and other informations from https://github.com/keywish/keywish-nano-plus/tree/master/RF-Nano.