Raspberry Pi 2.2″ TFT Display Hat

Raspberry Pi 2 3 3B/ 2B / B+ 2.2″ TFT Screen LCD w/ Buttons Sensor

  • Screen sizing 2.2 inch and supporting a 320×240 resolution with high PPI, being small but able to provide a fine image.
  • Size: 65mm×56.5mm, standard as a Raspberry Pi HAT board.
  • Multi-button design: 6 buttons, meeting different demands for buttons from various users
  • With an Infrared receiver.
  • Quick-responding technical support for free.
  • Introduction:
  • The 2.2 inch screen is a standard Raspberry Pi HAT (hardware attached on top). It supports a 320×240 resolution with high PPI.
  • Though small, it can display any images clearly. With the 6 buttons on the board, you can define their functions by yourself. And an
  • Infrared receiver is equipped so you can control the screen remotely.