Non-specific speech recognition module LD3320

LD3320 speech recognition module non specific human voice control module

  • High accuracy and practical speech recognition effect.
  • Non specific human speech recognition technology: no user recording training.
  • Dynamic editing of the list of keywords: only need to identify the keywords in the form of a string into the chip, which can be effective immediately in the next identification. For example, users in the 51 MCU program, simply by setting the registers, the dynamic content such as “hello” that the introduction of keyword recognition chip, the chip can thus set the key words recognition.
  • Support users free editing 50 key words: at the same time, up to 50 key words in the identification, the end user can according to the needs of the scene, edit and update the content of these 50 key words at any time.
  • Parameters:
  • Working voltage: 3.3V (be sure to use 3.3V level MCU driver)