ISP programmer for serial programmed MCUs

WaveShare LPC ISP mini module serial download cable programmer USB to Serial

  • MCU can support download programming (using Flash Magic software that supports the model detailed list of supported devices )
  • Can be used as USB TO UART modules ( using serial debugging software )

Supported Devices

Brand Model
ARM Cortex M3 LPC1751 LPC1752 LPC1754 LPC1756 LPC1758 LPC1764 LPC1765 LPC1766 LPC1768 LPC1759 LPC1769 LPC1774 LPC1776 LPC1777 LPC1778 LPC1785 LPC1786 LPC1787 LPC1788 LPC1311 LPC1313 LPC1315 LPC1316 LPC1317 LPC1342 LPC1343 LPC1345 LPC1346 LPC1347 LPC1311/01 LPC1313/01 LPC1224/101 LPC1224/121 LPC1225/301 LPC1225/321 LPC1226/301 LPC1227/301 LPC12D27/301
ARM Cortex M0 LPC1110 LPC1111 LPC1112 LPC1113 LPC1114 LPC1115 LPC11C12 LPC11C14 LPC11C22 LPC11C24 LPC11U12 LPC11U13 LPC11U14 LPC11U23 LPC11U24 LPC11E11/101 LPC11E12/201 LPC11E13/301 LPC11E14/401
ARM7 LPC2101 LPC2102 LPC2103 LPC2104 LPC2105 LPC2106 LPC2109 LPC2114 LPC2119 LPC2124 LPC2129 LPC2131 LPC2132 LPC2134 LPC2136 LPC2138 LPC2141 LPC2142 LPC2144 LPC2146 LPC2148 LPC2194 LPC2210 LPC2212 LPC2214 LPC2220 LPC2290 LPC2292 LPC2294 LPC2361 LPC2364 LPC2365 LPC2366 LPC2367 LPC2368 LPC2377 LPC2378 LPC2387 LPC2388 LPC2458 LPC2468 LPC2478
6 clock/12 clock 8051 P89C51RB + P89C51RC + P89C51RD + P89C51RB2Hxx P89C51RC2Hxx P89C51RD2Hxx P89C660 P89C662 P89C664 P89C668 P89C669 P89C51RA2xx P89C51RB2xx P89C51RC2xx P89C51RD2xx P89C60X2 P89C61X2 P89LV51RB2 P89LV51RC2 P89LV51RD2 P89V51RB2 P89V51RC2 P89V51RD2 P89V660 P89V662 P89V664
2 clock 8051 P89LPC901 P89LPC902 P89LPC903 P89LPC906 P89LPC907 P89LPC908 P89LPC912 P89LPC913 P89LPC914 P89LPC920 P89LPC921 P89LPC922 P89LPC930 P89LPC931 P89LPC932 P89LPC933 P89LPC934 P89LPC935 P89LPC904 P89LPC915 P89LPC916 P89LPC917 P89LPC924 P89LPC925 P89LPC932A1 P89LPC936 P89LPC938 P89LPC9102 P89LPC9103 P89LPC9107 P89LPC952 P89LPC9401 P89LPC918 P89LPC9321 P89LPC9351 P89LPC9408 P89LPC9201 P89LPC9211 P89LPC922A1 P89LPC9241 P89LPC9251 P89LPC9301 P89LPC931A1 P89LPC9331 P89LPC9341 P89LPC9402 P89LPC9361 P89LPC9151 P89LPC9161 P89LPC9171 P89LPC970 P89LPC971 P89LPC972 P89LPC980 P89LPC982 P89LPC983 P89LPC985

Connection interface with the target board