Geiger Counter Kit

Assembled DIY Geiger Counter Kit; Nuclear Radiation Detector; GM Tube

  • Geiger Tube PCB Compatibility:  J305,M4011, STS-5, SBM-20,
  • Geiger Tube Voltage Compatibility: All General GM Tubes with anode voltage 350-480V
  • Sound and Visual Indication
  • Arduino Compatible
  • Supply Voltage: 5V; 3x 1.5V Battery; 4x 1.2V Battery
  • Include high impedance voltage divider
  • Supply Current: 12mA – 30mA
  • Dimensions: 120 x 50 mm
  • Shipping Weight: 150gr
J305 Tube:
  • Tin oxide Cathode, Coaxial cylindrical thin shell structure(Wall density 50±10cg/cm2),
  • Application of pulse type halogen tube
  • Application temperature:-40°C~55°C
  • Could be used for :γRay 20mR/h~120mR/h
  •                and β Ray in range  100~1800 ChangingIndex/minutes·CM2 soft β Ray
  •                (Both beta and gamma radiation detetion)
  • Working Voltage: 380-450V
  • Working Current: 0,015-0,02 mA
  • Sensivity to Gamma Radiation: 0.1 MeV
  • Own Background: 0,2 Pulses/s
  • Length:  88mm
  • Diameter: 10mm