Frequency meter 10Hz-2.6GHz

IBQ102 Handheld Digital Frequency Counter Meter Wide Range 10Hz-2.6GHz

  1. Multi-Function LCD Display
  2. 9-Dight Display
  3. Analog bar and Digit Signal Strength Indicator
  4. Display Holding
  5. 50 Display Readings Saving
  6. Power Indicator
  7. Interactive User Menu
  8. Equipped with UV antenna and USB Power adapter
Range 10Hz-100MHz 50MHz-2.6GHz
Amplifier 1 MΩ 50 Ω
Impedance 1 MΩ 50 Ω
30pF VSWR<2:1
Features RF signal strength (50MHz-2.6GHz)
Display Screen Holding
50 Display Readings Saving
Auto switch off, Auto backlight
Battery Indicator
Sensitivity <30mV@10Hz-50MHz <5mV@100MHz
<35mV@50MHz-100MHz <5mV@1GHz
Gate 0.01s 0.01s
0.1s 0.1s
1s 1s
Time Base <+/-5ppm
LSD 1Hz/1s (10Hz-100MHz)
100Hz/1s (50MHz-2.6GHz)
Battery 3 x AAA Ni-MH
Power DC (5V,1A)
Cabinet ABS
Size 85mm x 55mm x 24mm
Net Weight 115g
Color Grey