F is for Funday #4

Solar power


Solar Power 3.7V Lithium Battery Charging Board

4 pieces: Portable Mini 6V 1W Solar Panel

Single chip DC – DC step-up step-down module for solar panel 3-35V to 2.2-30V

5V 250mA Mini monocrystalline solar panel

Portable Mini 6V 0.6W Solar Panel 80*55mm

Home energies measurement

Flowmeter Water Flow Sensors DN15 Turbine

INA219 I2C interface Bi-directional current/power monitoring sensor module

30A Current Sensor Module with ACS712ELCTR-30A Chip AC and DC+- 30A

SCT-013-030 Non-invasive AC Current Sensor Clamp

Project: Weather station (Meteo)

Mini Wind Turbine Blade, Vertical Axis

HMC5883 module – three-axis magnetic field sensor

DHT22 digital temperature and humidity sensor

BMP280 (Replace BMP180) 3.3V Digital Barometric Pressure Sensor

Snow/Raindrops Detection Sensor

ESP-12E based WeMos D1 – Arduino-like board with WiFi, Compatible with Arduino IDE

Wind Speed Sensor 4-20mA or 0-5v

Nixie? Nixie!

NCH6100HV High Voltage DC Power Supply Module For Nixie Tube

8-Bit Fluorescent VFD 8 Digit Display Module

Soviet Nixie-like Tube IV-18


(Be careful, keep your eyes!)

3pin 650nm Red Laser Transmitter Dot Diode (Copper Head Module)

650nm 5mW Red Laser Point Module, Glass Lens Focusable

Blue violet laser 405nm, 100 mW

Laser Safety Goggles Glasses for 445nm-450nm blue laser/405nm violet purple laser and 532nm green laser, with case

Focusable Violet 405nm 120mw Line Laser Module w/ Adapter 16X65mm + mount

Protective Goggles for Violet/Blue 200-450/800-2000nm Laser

10mw / 30mw / 50mw / 100mw / 150-200mw Focusable 532nm Green Dot / Line / Cross Laser Module