F is for Funday #2

Sunday tips for you are here…

Fingerprint lock

I have found a construction of fingerprint-controlled door lock. Here are the essential parts:

FPM10A Fingerprint Optical Recognition Module

Datasheet: FPM10 / R305

12V Electronic Door Lock

Invaders from the Space

Want to build a handheld game console? You can do it with an Arduino, a LCD display and a couple of buttons. Retro buttons, if you wish.


KS0108 128×64 Graphic LCD Blue Backlight

Arcade Button with Durable microswitch

Game Table

Does anyone said “game console”? Look at this cool hack of cheap IKEA table. Here are some buying tips:

Arcade DIY kit for 2 players

Leonardo R3 Atmega32u4 (it can emulate USB keyboard)

Arcade joystick DIY Red Ball

Just Parts…

Everything is cooler with BlueTooth. Here is a BLE module

AT-05 Bluetooth 4.0 BLE module

Its bigger brother with 433MHz radio with direct UART channel:

433Mhz HC-12 SI4463 Wireless Serial Port Module

… and low power 433MHz radio module, no UART, just one bit on/off.

433MHz TX+RX Super-regenerative Module

When you want hack old good IR remote controller, you will need these two pieces:

Infrared Emission Module – IR Transmitter

Infrared Receiver Module

These clips are perfect in case you haven’t third pair of arms. Have you six hands? No? So you need these:

10PCS 1.7” Multimeter Lead Wire Kit Test Hook Clip

Accelerometers are great to measure vibrations. But when you want only to detect vibrations, not measure its strength, you can use much cheaper parts:

10PCS SW-18020P Electronic Shaking Vibration Sensor

Where do you have all your SMD parts? All those transistors and resistors and capacitors? I guess this is a perfect solution

50pcs SMD Electronic Component Mini Storage Box