EMW3081 MCU Wifi To Serial Port Module

2.4GHz EMW3081 MCU Wifi To Serial Port Module ARM M3 Kernel

  • Model    EMW3081
  • Main Control Chip    RealTek
  • Carrier Frequency    2.4GHz
  • Transmit Power    13-17.6dBm
  • Communication Distance    100m
  • Standby Power Consumption    19mA
  • Micro Controller    ARM Cortex-M3 kernel
  • Operating Current:
    • stay connecting no data transmission    <7mA
    • 11nRX data receive mode    61mA
    • 11nRX data transmit mode    260mA
  • Operating Mode:
    • AT Mode    support, can connect 8 devices
    • STA Mode    support, server port supports 4 connects
    • AP+STA Mode    support, AT allows to connect 8 devices
  • USRT    baud rate 2400-921600bps; transparent/ protocol transmission supports
  • Transmission Rate    72.2Mbps (max, 20MHz), 150Mbps (max, 40MHz)