Dual channel DDS Frequency Synthesizer

MHS-5200A Digital DDS Dual-channel Signal Source Generator Arbitrary Waveform Frequency Meter 25MHz for laboratory teaching

  • Can output arbitrary waveforms and conventional function waveforms(sine/triangle/square/sawtooth wave and TTL signal).
  • All functions are digitally controlled, precise and stable.
  • Dual-channel output, can work in sync, phase difference is adjustable.
  • With linear sweep(Max. up to 500s) and logarithmic frequency sweep functions.
  • Signal of both channels has built-in sophisticated -20dB attenuator in order to reach the minimum amplitude resolution 1mV.
  • With 120% ~ + 120% DC bias function.
  • 4 TTL output(phase difference is adjustable).
  • Has a frequency measurement, period measurement, positive and negative pulse width measurement, duty cycle measurements and counting function.
  • With USB interface, after the connection with PC, the PC can be used to control the instrument.
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Project Parameters
Key Features Frequency Range Sine Wave Normal Modes(Optional): 0Hz~6MHz
Square Wave 0Hz~6MHz
Triangle Wave 0Hz~6MHz
Sawtooth Wave 0Hz~6MHz
Arbitrary Waveform 0Hz~6MHz
TTL Digital Signal Wave 0Hz~6MHz
Output Modulation Frequency Sweep
Waveform Types Sine/Triangle/Square/Lifting Sawtooth Wave, CMOS Digital Signal Wave and Arbitrary Waveform
Waveform Length 1024Points
Sampling Rate 200MSa/s
Waveform Amplitude Resolution 8 Bits
The Min. Frequency Resolution 10mHz
Frequency Error +/-5*10-6
Frequency Stability +/-1*10-6
Amplitude Range(Peak to Peak)

15mVp-p~15Vp-p(12MHz or Less)

15mVp-p~8Vp-p(12MHz and above)</td> </tr>

Output Impedance 50Ω(+/-10%)
Amplitude Resolution

1mVp-p (-20dB Attenuation)

10mVp-p (No Attenuation)</td> </tr>

Offset Range -120 % ~ 120 % (The ratio of bias voltage and signal amplitude)
Bias Resolution 1%
Phase Range 0~359°
Phase Resolution
Sine Wave Harmonic Arrived System 40dBc(<1MHz); 35dBc(1MHz~20MHz)
Distortion <0.8%(20Hz~20KHz)
Square Wave Lifting Along Time ≤20ns
Overshoot ≤10 %
Duty Cycle Adjustment Range 0 % ~ 99.9 %
TTL Lifting Along Time ≤20ns
Low Level <0.3V
High Level 1V~7.5V
Arbitrary Waveform Quantity 16
Memory Depth/Group 1KB/16
Scan Scan Mode Linear Sweep, Log Sweep
Scan Time 1s-500s
Scan Range It is determined by the sweep parameter settings
External Measurements Frequency Measuring Range

GATE-TIME=10S 0.1Hz – 60MHz

GATE-TIME=1S 1Hz – 60MHz

GATE-TIME=0.1S 10Hz – 60MHz

GATE-TIME=0.01S 100Hz – 60MHz</td> </tr>

Input Voltage Range 0.5Vp-p~20Vp-p
Counting Range 0~4294967295
Counting Manually
Positive and Negative Pulse Width Measurement 10ns Resolution, the Max. Measurable 10s
Periodic Measurement 20ns Resolution, the Max. Measurable 20s
Duty Cycle Measurement 0.1% Resolution, Measuring Range from 0.1%~99.9%
Source Selection 1. Ext. IN Input(AC Signal) ; 2. TTL-IN Input(Digital Signal)
Memory Quantity 10
Location M0~M9
Interface Interface Mode Using USB to Serial Interface
Communication Rate 57600bps
Protocol Using the Command Line, the Agreement Public
Power Supply US Plug / EU Plug (Optional) DC 5V Power Supply
Size 19.5 * 17.5 * 7cm / 7.67 * 6.9 * 2.75in
Weight 542g / 19.12oz
Package Size 24 * 24 * 12cm / 9.55 * 9.45 * 4.72in (L * W * H)
Package Weight 1027g / 36.25oz