Clock / Thermometer Kit

Rotating DS1302 Digital LED Display Electronic Clock / Temperature

Rotating DS1302 Digital LED Display Module Alarm Electronic Digital Clock LED Temperature Display DIY Kit Learning Board 5V 


Function Introduction

  • Digital tube display: There are red, green, blue and white digital tubes to choose from. Users can also switch to other color digital tubes by themselves.
  • Power-on defaults to the time, temperature, year, month, day, week display, through the button can be set only to show time or only show time and temperature (set in the “time display settings”.

  • LED Display: There are three combinations of red green LED, red blue LED and blue white LED to choose from. Users can also switch to other color combinations of LED. There are 13 kinds of display, which can be switched by keys.It can also be set as automatic switching display (set in “LED automatic switching display settings”). When the switching display parameter x is less than 60, the switching display time is x*1minute, when it is more than 60, the switching display time is (x-60)*60 minute, and when x=0, the switching display is not automatically switched. For example, when set to 30, switch to the next display every 30 minutes. When set to 62 (greater than 60), switch to the next display every (62-60) * 60 minutes (that is, 2 hours).
  • Clock Accuracy: Using DS1302 as clock chip, it can use clock auto-calibration function to improve travel time accuracy.

  • Time Setting: you can set the time by pressing the button. When the clock chip is properly equipped with backup batteries, even when the clock is powered off, it will go normally without resetting the time every time the power is turned on.

  • Automatic Clock Calibration: Because this clock is a suite, the clock will inevitably have errors after welding, in order to maximize the accuracy of the clock, so do this function. Clock error can be corrected by setting error time and error amount. For example, if the clock is 2 seconds faster every 24 hours, then the error time is set to 24, and the error amount is set to -2. If every 24 hours is 8 seconds slow, the error time can be set to 3, and the error is set to 1.
  • Voice Output: Use a passive buzzer to output music.

  • Ringtone Download: There are 7 bells built-in when the kit leaves the factory. It can also download the bell to the clock by itself. It can be set as the alarm for the whole time and the alarm clock. See the bell download tutorial in Part 6 for details.
  • Hourly Chime: It can be turned on or off. When it is turned on, it can ring when the current time satisfies the whole time and the alarm time. It can set the alarm time (for example, it can be set from 8 a.m. to 22 p.m. and not at other times).

  • Temperature Display: The ambient temperature is measured by a thermistor. Can be set to Celsius or Fahrenheit display, when the clock is showing temperature, press the MODE key to switch to Fahrenheit or Celsius display. Temperature calibration can be done when the temperature is not correct (set in “Temperature Calibration Settings”) (for example, when the display temperature is 3 degrees higher than the actual temperature, set the temperature calibration value to – 3).

  • Brightness Adjustment Function: the ambient brightness is measured by a photoresistor. When the automatic brightness function is turned on, the brightness of the clock can be automatically changed with the brightness of the ambient light. When the automatic brightness function is turned off, the clock brightness can be manually adjusted. Whether manual or automatic brightness, there are 100 levels of brightness.
  • 12/24 Hours System: The default is 24-hour system, which can be set to 12-hour system by keystrokes (set in 12/24 setting mode).

  • Sunday Display: It’s incorrect to show Sunday as Wednesday 7. The correct display should be ‘日’, but it increases in order to take care of some people’s habits and foreigners may not know Sunday. When the clock is showing Sunday, press the MODE key to set Sunday to Sunday or Sunday 7.
  • Restore Factory Defaults: Turn off the clock and remove the memory battery. Wait for about two minutes, then turn on the clock.

Alarm clock

  • There are four independent alarm clocks, which can be closed or opened separately. The alarm time, alarm tone and alarm
  • mode can be set separately.
  • When the alarm clock is turned on and the current time satisfies the alarm clock’s hour, minute and mode at the same time,
  • the alarm will ring.
  • When the loud time exceeds the set loud time or when loud, press the MODE button to stop the loud.
  • Sleeping greedily function: Press PLUS key when the noise is loud, pause the noise, and then resound after five minutes.
  • Six alarm clock modes to meet various needs.
  • Alarm mode 0: Ordinary alarm clock will ring every day.
  • Alarm mode 1: Workday alarm clock 1, Monday to Friday ring, Saturday, the day does not ring.
  • Alarm mode 2: weekend alarm clock 1, on Saturdays and Sundays, Monday to Friday no alarm.
  • Alarm mode 3: Workday alarm 2, Monday to Saturday, Sunday no alarm.
  • Alarm mode 4: weekend alarm 2, Sunday alarm, Monday to Saturday no alarm.
  • Alarm mode 5: A single alarm clock will automatically turn off the alarm clock after one alarm.

Electrical Performance

  • Power supply: DC5V
  • Working current: <50MA
  • Alarm current: <100mA
  • Working temperature:0-40℃