Bluetooth 4.0 APE FLAC WAV WMA MP3 audio decoder board

12V Bluetooth 4.0 APE FLAC WAV WMA MP3 audio decoder board stereo receiver 10W+10W power digital amplifiers led APP control

Basic function

  1. support stereo Bluetooth speaker function, that is, the mobile phone and other devices can send music through the Bluetooth speaker (A2DP);
  2. supporting the speaker terminal to switch on the mobile phone and other devices through the Bluetooth control, adjust the volume, then the phone (AVRCP);
  3. Bluetooth Based on CLASS 2 power level, the use of Bluetooth 4 specification, compatible with Bluetooth 3 and the following version of the application, transmission speed can reach 3Mbit/s
  4. to support Card U and SD/MMC discs, music formats are: MP3, WMA, APE, FLAC, WAV (not licence);
  5. support FM, the frequency band is: 76MHZ~108MHZ;
  6. support AUX input is an external audio source through the AUX access and speakers can adjust the volume on the speaker;
  7. support the speaker status broadcast, can play a variety of sound box and can modify the language according to user needs;
  8. support function switch hotkey (a key in Card, AUX IN USB device/USB, U disk, FM card, Bluetooth, broadcast (MODE) key on the remote control function switch);
  9. support firmware encryption;
  10. support USB connection to PC for firmware upgrade / production;
  11. FAT16, FAT32, ExFAT/Fat64 file system support;
  12. support directory series: 8 sub directory;
  13. support file number: the number of files is not limited to a single directory, the total number of music files within 9999 can be supported;
  14. support SD/MMC/SDHC;
  15. support USB2.0, fully compatible with USB1.1;
  16. 32 stage volume (volume level can be configured),
  17. support the background of Bluetooth, in the case of Bluetooth connection can play card /U disk music and FM;
  18. support Spp remote control, that is, the phone after the installation of APK or APP can support the remote control function of the speaker.
  19. support for Bluetooth SIRI
  20. supports DAE virtual audio
  21. PEQ audio compensation