Bi-directional Current Monitor with I2C

INA219 I2C interface Bi-directional current/power monitoring sensor module

  • -40 to + 85 °C temperature range
  • maximum error of 1% accuracy
  • maximum offset 100 uV.
  • 12bit resolution
  • reduce the pressure drop on the shunt resistor
  • Calibration programmable registers can directly read its unit of measure is the ampere current, and power in watts per read.
  • For as many as 128 sampling averaging, in order to realize filter in noise environment.
  • The I2C interface has a timeout, not only can avoid the bus lock, but also can provide high-speed mode, meet the communication requirements of up to 3.4 MHz.
  • All features are support software programmable INA219.
  • Using single power supply, the working voltage between + 3.0 to + 5.5 V.