Arduino MIDI Shield

Musical Instrument Digital Interface MIDI Shields Adapter Plate For Compatible Arduino

Through the MIDI adapter plate, your Arduino board or other microcontrollers can be accessed to powerful MIDI communication protocol. MIDI protocol and asynchronous serial interface has many similarities, so users can use the micro-controller UART pin to send MIDI event information.

MIDI adapter plate provides MIDI – IN and MIDI – OUT connection, and MIDI THRU port. MIDI – port is light IN isolation, to prevent the ground loop. MIDI adapter plate can be installed directly like a shield at the top of the Arduino board: connect MIDI – IN/THRU to for Arduino hardware RX pin, connect MIDI – OUT to TX. It Arduino data and analog pin, power bus and the bus can transfer out.

The RUN/PGM switch can let users on the forArduino board serial port programming, without having to remove the board. Note: the three hole MIDI connector no welding on the MIDI adapter plate, but these connectors included in this product.