500 Push Buttons

NEW 500 Pcs 10 Value Momentary Tactile Push Button Switch Mini Micro PCB H15


High precision mechanism design offers perfect operation and long service life
Used in the fields of electronic products, household appliances and more
Package includes 10 values tact push button switch, total 500 Pcs
3x4x2.5mm  x 50 Pcs      3x4x2.5mm  x 50 Pcs
3x6x4.3mm  x 50 Pcs      3x6x5mm  x 50 Pcs
4x4x1,5mm  x 50 Pcs       4x4x0.8mm x 50 Pcs
3x4x2.0mm-2P  x 50 Pcs   3x4x2.0mm-4P  x 50 Pcs
3x6x2.5mm  x 50 Pcs       6x6x3.1mm  x 50 Pcs
Quantity: 500 Pcs/1 Set