2 channel PWM frequency generator

2 Channel PWM Generator Pulse Frequency Duty Cycle Adjustable Square Wave Rectangle Signal Generator For Stepper Motor Driver

Product Introduction:

  1. Operating Voltage:5-30V,support micro USB 5.0V power supply
  2. Frequency Range:1Hz~150KHz
  3. Frequency Precision:2%
  4. Signal Load Capaciity:output current is within 8–30mA
  5. Output Range:default 5V V-pp (can be changed by external power)
  6. Ambient Temperature:-30 Celsius ~70 Celsius

Application Fields:

  • As square wave generator to generate square wave for experiment development
  • Used to drive steeping motor driver’s square wave
  • Generate adjustable pulse for MCU using
  • Generate adjustable pulse for controlling relative circuit (PWM adjust light speed etc)

Serial Port Control

  • Communication Standard:9600 bps
  • Data Bit:8
  • Stop Bit:1
  • Parity Bit: none
  • Flow Control: none

Setting PWM Frequency

  • “S1FXXXT”:set PWM1 frequency as XXX HZ (001~999)
  • “S1FXX.XT”:set PWM1 frequency as XX.X KHZ (00.1~99.9)
  • “S1F:X.X.X.T”:set PWM1 frequency as XXX KHZ (0.0.1.~1.5.0.)
  • “S1”:PWM1
  • “S2”:PWM2
  • “F”:frequency
  • “D”:duty cycle
  • “T”:stop sign bit

Setting PWM Duty Cycle

  • “S1DXXXT”:set PWM1 duty cycle as XXX;(001~100)
  • “S2DXXXT”:set PWM2 duty cycle as XXX;(001~100)

Setting successfully back: DOWN

Setting unsuccessfully back: FALL

Parameter Setting

  • Module has 3-channel key: Set, Up, Down
  • By short press SET key, you can shift display 4 parameter values
    • FR1:PWM1 frequency
    • dU1:PWM1 duty cycle
    • FR2:PWM2 frequency
    • dU2:PWM2 duty cycle
  • before shifting, there will be corresponding parameter name flashing
  • Directly press UP,DOWN key to modify current parameter value
  • 2-channel PWM are set 3 kinds frequency value, in frequency display interface, by long press SET to shift, 3 kinds frequency’s duty cycle are the same (XXX:1Hz~999Hz; XX.X:0.1Khz~99.9Khz;X.X.X.:1Khz~150Khz)